VP TASKFORCE™ White Collar Crime Tracking & Profiling

Data-driven White & Silver Collar Fraud Perpetrator Profiling and Tracking System as an Integrated Software Suite.

VP TASKFORCE™ is public safety technology. The VP TASKFORCE™ public safety tool suite & platforms include the following integrated applications: CITIZEN SAFETY MAPS™, Sherlock AI™ data-curating Detective, AEGIS Reports ™ and WHISTLEFIELD™ a mobile education, perpetrator alert, tracking and profiling App. Together this on and offline public safety social technology: documents, investigates, alerts and provides vulnerable person and the public relevant alerts, educational information and proximately based reporting features.

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VP TASKFORCE™ can pair & cross-reference system profiles, track and curates research on white-collar crime, white-collar criminal patterns, aligned-crony exploitation networks targeting a single or group vulnerable person’s subject to financial exploitation, negligence, abuse, malpractice, collusion (aligned-cronyism) networks, industry and business compliance violations. The research and investigative applications provide trend-spotting, AI and crowd-source data capture, repeating behavior risk analysis, tactical alert systems via multiple layer Geo API map overlays, gamut logistics, ranked threat detection, citizen-to-citizen/county/state legislature reporting features and the tertiary level alleged perpetrator educational awareness, repeat behavior tracking, evidence profiling and research access platforms. These privately funded products and services are not affiliated with any state board, professional regulatory authority or government agency; therefor public transparency is more accessible board, professional regulatory authority or government agency; therefor public transparency is more accessible.

Civic Accountability Solutions. The Altruesoft software suite’s direct evidence documentation and citizen-to-citizen (C2C) reporting platforms provide the perfect solution for verifiable whistle-blowing, citizen policing, civic accountability tracking, compliance reporting and perpetrator profiling through; direct victim testimony, field-data gathering, crowd-sourcing, AI source retrieval, repository analysis, advocate repeating pattern research, litigation evidence and public safety geo-location alert systems.