WhistleCloud™ Free Data Transfer

WhistleCloud ™- Data-convergence Center, Educational and Research Repository and Platfor
WhistleCloud ™- Data-convergence Center, Educational and Research Repository and Platform

Imagine an online fraud education & research center –  this is WhistleCloud

WhistleCloud ™ is a free cloud service and central data repository providing educational resources specific to white-collar crimes and corrective Federal Acts, Statutory Code, FCC, CFR, CMS, IRS, SSA  code, civil breaches, professional ethics violations and many other regulatory and compliance  rules.

WhistleCloud ™ is the data curating component of the VP Task Force ™  public safety tool suite, The  platform data can be accessed, shared and exchanged via  the WhistleField ™ data conveyance mobile application technology, tablets  and desktop computers so the public, advocate researchers and programmers can better identify trends in fraud and related white-collar crimes and  collusion networks. 

The WhistleField ™ & WhistleCloud ™  app and cloud repository both work in unison with CITIZEN SAFETY MAPS ™, advocate researchers, and programmers utilizing tools such as Sherlock AI ™, and Aegis Reports ™  create an on and offline  social safety technology where  documentary & testamentary evidence, videos, photographs and recordings are shared thus permitting investigative analysis which can then  trigger necessary alerts, inform the public with  relevant regional specific educational information, proximity based warnings and facilitate the convergence of evidence necessary for white-collar violations and related crime reporting.



V P TASK FORCE  ™ Public Safety Tools –  Integrated Software Suite to alert citizens of those whom present a public safety risk by their repeated exploitation of vulnerable persons and all citizens affected by unethical business practices. This includes the elderly, those with disabilities, children, victims of domestic violence, sexual harassment, bullying and related crime. The data convergence system also profiles and tracks offender behavior specific to white-collar ethical violations, civil breeches, compliance law violations, related crimes and collusion networks.

When To Use WHISTLEFIELD to WHISTLECLOUD ™ :  Whistle-blower & Field-data Convergence & Mobile App ^ Cloud Resources:

Use as a WHISTLE: When you choice stand up for your rights, report violations as they occur to the perpetrator by referencing the VP TASK FORCE educational Tools or report offences anonymously in each case you can use the WHISTLEFIELD ™ Mobile App and trigger the online circumstance reporting events.

WHISTLE:  – use a resource to inform someone who is violating your basic rights, rights which are secured by Federal Acts (backed by the Constitution), Statutory Laws, Occupational Ethics Guidelines, CFR or FCC regulatory safeguards and many other related regulations relevant to dealing with persons or businesses whom are violating your public safety, civil, or basic inalienable human rights.

Use as a FIELD data-gathering & reporting application. se as this mobile phone app as field gathering tool to record audio, video take pictures and provide initial written documents relevant to alleged perpetrator or business whom is restricting you rights, committing violations, fraud or any type of misconduct.

  • Scenario A – Facility Standards. Example; If your restricted access from a family member at a Hospital or other care facility you can access you’re the Whistleblower app type in “Blocked Hospital access find the appropriate Code of Federal Regulations (CFR 42) which outlaws that such restricted conduct as conduct against the US Constitution especially if it is a State funded facility. Mention the code that protects your rights to see a family member or friend and that you will make a Citizens Report and log their violations in your mobile phone WHISTLEFIELD application that will transmit the date, time, event details and location to add to the citizens public safety database and CITIZEN SAFETY MAPS if you choose to alert others by tacking the event location to the citizens safety maps and trigger online perpetrator tracking and profiling, Sherlock AI ™ data-curating Detective research and have access to the AEGIS Reports: Gamut Logistics & Trend Analysis Reporting System features. You can even trigger an email & print report to all those whom should be made aware of the event shortly after it occurs or at anytime thereafter.
  • Scenario B –  Professional Standards: Attorneys, doctors, financial services representatives or any white-collar business professional reporting feature. Example:  If you or someone you know has retained the services of an attorney or any professional bound by federal acts, statutory laws and their professions  ethics codes and they are not representing the clients best interest or there are obvious conflicts of interest then you can use the WHISTLEFIELD ™ Mobile App to directly look up the American Bar Association Model rules and either explain the relevant breach to the attorney on the spot and/or make a field log of the event to report circumstances which may be useful at a later date and to log occurrences in a citizens public safety database, start profile and tracking report in order to warn others whom may have had or may in the future face the same circumstances.
  • Scenario C – Sexual Harassment or other workplace violations or compliance matters can be reported.
  • Scenario D – Bullies, harassers, those with malicious intent, those whom make threats, use extortion, fraud or any other means of undue influence.

Essentially any circumstance that doesn’t require an emergency 911 response can be reported using the any of the V P TASK FORCE  ™ Public Safety Tools.

WhistleField ™ & WhistleCloud   working in unison with Citizen Safety Maps ™ , Agesis Reports ™ and Sherlock AI  Profiling & Tracking via a Map-layered Data Convergence Example (series of APIs & JSON Curated Data).


Layer 1 Violations – Healthcare: profiles and tracks Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), State Health, State Medical and Occupational Licensee rules. Research indicates that violations that occur on this level can result from matters described in other data layers listed below and inversely as well. See layer 1 specifications.

Layer 2 Violations – White-collar crime layer and overlays profile and track Guardian – Conservator & Estate Planning exploitation, fraud, negligence, malpractice, collusion, moral turpitude all Bar, IRS Cir 230, Federals, State license and Bar Rule. See layer 2 specifications.

Layer 3 Violations – Caretaker, POA, Trustee, Family, Significant Other, VP Acquaintance exploitation, abuse, negligence, reckless endangerment, isolation (CMS), undue influence, mental abuse, substance dependence personality disorders  See layer 3 tags.

Layer 4 Violations – Abusive family member, significant other, VP acquaintance violations This layer can be further analyzed by various overlays in layers 7 and 8. See layer 4 tags.

Government (Government operated sexual predator and blue-collar crime tracking systems) have similar Mobile Apps (examples 5 and 6 on Map overly description):

Layer 5 & 6 Potential IntegrationUS Department of Justice NSOPW (National Sex Offender Public Website), CopLogic ® and CrimeReports ® GEO API data layers on Sexual Predators and Blue-Collar Crime Events.

Layers 7 & 8: CPSN Research (Government and Citizen Accountability – Future)

Research Categories: Social Justice, & Human Rights Legislation initiatives layers and correlated or cross comparative data analysis with DSM-5 Cluster B Personality Disorders trait indicators; inter-related aberrant behaviors, and white-collar crime trend data layers can be added and then turned on or off for specific research analysis based on existing data and forecast data events analysis (forecasting)  and relative to researcher trained AI components and/or crowd sourcing social technology parameters.

Layer 7 Government response & accountability overlays – Legislative, Federal Act and Statutory Enforcement research concerning legislation and enforcement tracking; such as Area Agencies on Aging/APS and CPS effectiveness (tax payer funding tracking in relation to effectiveness) White-collar profile, tracking and corrective response. This information is publicly available with feedback forums and reciprocally integrated APIs and data sharing social technology.

Layer 8 Behavior social science & social trend overlays – systemic & endemic aberrant social trend & social science behavioral Research: – domestic violence, DSM-5 cluster B personality disorder trait indicators, and substance abuse cause-effect inter-changeable overlays. Data available only to designated research agencies or to law enforcement and public on a need to know bases.

WhistleField ™ - WhistleCloud ™- Educational and Research Repository Platform and Data-convergence Relay System..
WhistleField ™ to WhistleCloud ™ Educational and Research Repository Platform and Data-convergence Relay System.