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Sign the Petition For Enhanced Public Safety Legislation.

Vulnerable persons; those affected by domestic violence, elder abuse, child abuse and white-collar crime (fraud) need your assistance please sign the petition below. The specifics of the petition are listed in, alongside and below the petition form. The petitions legislative reforms or amendments can either apply to existing Statutory vulnerable person, fraud and abuse code or added as new Statute relevant to each state existing regulatory codes. The creative commons videos below the petition demonstrate why these vulnerable person statute amendments are imperative. We would also like to her your first had experiential documented account or video on what brought you to this online petition. We are genuinely grateful for your support in signing this petition.
Proposed Legislation Objective:
Enhanced public safety protection for: 1) vulnerable persons, 2) citizen fraud & abuse mitigation and 3) immunity from prosecution for Whistleblowers and Publishers reporting newsworthy public safety information of alleged felony and misdemeanor fraud and abuse perpetrators. Vulnerable person, fraud and abuse criteria as defined in each States existing vulnerable person, fraud and abuse Statutes.
Proposed Legislation Part I:
Vulnerable Persons (as defined by each States existing Statutes): Mandatory removal of family caretaker, professional caretaker, landlord, legal advisor, conservator, guardian or fiduciary whom isolate, restrict family access, cause mental injury, abuse or exploit vulnerable person dependent on their care either  volunteer or professional services. As evidenced by third-party testimony, APS or CPS reports, signings of illicit  suspect or legal documents the vulnerable person did not understand the short or long term ramifications of, failure to provide emergency care, fraudulently conceal court documents or any matter addressed in each States existing vulnerable persons Statutes.   Vulnerable Person Legislation Part II:
1) Mandatory loss of State License for Professionals whom knowingly exploit vulnerable persons   or fail compliance standards regulating vulnerable person and court reporting statutes; including fraudulent concealed motions, physicians declarations, court visitor and guardian and false conservator financial reports. 2) Mandatory financial compensation from perpetrators for victims; base at triple damages.
Public Safety
Part II: Whistleblowers & Publisher Immunity:
Immunity from prosecution for whistle-blowers and publishers for reporting & publishing newsworthy public safety  events including victim-approved verifiable information naming alleged felony & misdemeanor perpetrators/events.

#C2C Movement Mission & Purpose;

Report Fraud & Abuse Events and/or Perpetrator Here

If Your Circumstance is an Emergency Dial 911.

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the #Metoo movement that called out sexual harassment, the Citizen to Citizen  (#C2C) Public Safety Reporting social media hashing movement  focuses on those damaged by the following societal abuse epidemics:
  • Domestic Violence,
  • Elder Abuse,
  • Child Abuse and
  • White-collar crime (fraud),
What is the common denominator in these 4 societal  plagues, that would be the Abuser. And far more often than not the underlying illness disorder of the abuser is:
DSM-5 "Cluster B" Abuser Traits (reference 1st video below).
Additionally #C2C includes a preemptive or as necessary a post damage remedy consisting of educational and technical components to forewarn potential or current victims by identifying some of the key source problems -  those being maladjusted societal  personality traits. Traits that cause extreme damage and often damage unsuspecting victims for the rest of their lives. If possible be preemptive; learn the signs before hand listed below and want the videos. I f the damage has already occurred then warn others, this is the premise of Citizen to Citizen - #C2C: Public Safety Reporting.

Common abuser traits also include the use of the following insidious control tactics:

  • Fear,
  • Intimation/bullying,
  • Undue Influence,
  • Blame-shifting,
  • Gas-lighting,
  • Grooming,
  • Guilt,
  • Lying,
  • Fraud,
  • Collusion and
  • Cover-ups.

When Confronted Abusers Defer to the Dastardly D's:

  • Deception,
  • Denial,
  • Deflection,
  • Debasement,
  • Distraction,
  • Dismissive (minimization),
  • Discourage,
  • Disengage (silent treatment).
When caught red-handed abusers may even apologies with empty words and false promises to stop, however if they do not face significant consequence you can be certain the abuse will return. This is known as the cycle of abuse.

White-collar Professional Fraud & Abuse Tactics: 

More sophisticated abusers,  typically white-collar professionals have refined the aforementioned and are fond of using non-sequitur arguments and quaint time-trusted cliches to disarm an unsuspecting victim. These logical fallacies  are used to form foundation for their scams and  justify their fraud both before and the illicit affinity crimes occur.

Related Societal Epidemics Stemming From Core Abuser Traits.

Events that also require vigilante public safety reporting.
  • Heroin Epidemic,
  • Human Trafficking Epidemic,
  • Terrorism Epidemic,
  • Mass shooting Epidemic.

Abuser Traits:  DSM-5 "Cluster B" Disorders.

Underlying Cause of Fraud & Abuse Epidemic.

White-collar Crime, Fraud and Professional Malpractice.


Elder Abuse, Exploitation and Intentional Negligence.

Women are 35 % more likely to be elder abuse victims.

Domestic Violence.


Child Abuse and Bullying.


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