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Public Safety Tools

What Are Public Safety Tools ?  

VP Task Force ™ is  public safety technology.  The VP Task Force application suite & platforms include the following integrated software tools:

  1. Citizen Safety Maps ™: Public Safety Alerts on Perpetrator Tracking of White-collar and Facility/Business Compliance – Ethics Violations Profiling Maps,
  2. Sherlock AI ™: Artificial Intelligence Data-curating Detective, 
  3. AEGIS Reports ™: Gamut Logistics, Trend and Qualitative Data Analysis Reporting System and
  4. WHISTLEFIELD ™: Field Data Convergence & Whistleblower Mobile App.

Together this on and offline public safety social technology documents, investigates, alerts and provides vulnerable person and the general public relevant educational information. In addition, the combined systems profiles, tracks,  and curates research on white-collar crime, white-collar criminal patterns, vulnerable person exploitation, negligence, abuse, malpractice and collusion networks. 


VP Task Force  Overview


The research and investigative applications provide trend-spotting, AI and crowd-source data capture, repeating behavior risk analysis,  tactical alert systems via multiple layer Geo API map overlays, gamut logistics, ranked threat detection, citizen-to-citizen/county/state legislature reporting features,  and the tertiary level alleged perpetrator educational awareness, repeat behavior tracking, evidence profiling and research access platforms.  These privately funded products and services are not affiliated with any state board, professional regulatory authority or government agency; therefor public transparency is more accessible.

The VP Task Force  public safety tools application suite provide a means for those assisting vulnerable persons and the public (any white-collar crime victim) to research and document abuse, exploitation,  negligence, malpractice, collusion, fraud in the inducement, fraud in the procurement , fraudulent concealment, and related white-collar  crime.  This includes documenting the various behaviors to cross reference with various Federal Acts, Statutory Code (state law), State Occupational Licensee violations, National Ethics Standards, and regulatory industry code. Doing so has multiple benefits for cost effective ligation, determining violation patterns tracking and profiling repeating exploitative, negligent and malpractice acts of white collar perpetrator and those assisting them  This information is useful to law enforcement, civil or criminal litigation, media, legislatures  and public safety legislative indicatives.

VP Task Force ™  Public Safety Tools are inter-connected applications and behavioral research tools designed to track and tactically educate the public on increasing white collar crime trends in their region. Refer to each suite application features list for additional product and service  details  and uses.

The Public Safety Social Technology Application Suite (Tools) currently includes:


I) CITIZEN SAFETY MAPS ™ is a  Multiple Layer Vertically-Integrated Geo API (Geo spatial event location application programming interface/map system) that “tactically” allows researchers, AI curated public articles and any internet user the capabilities to place map tacks within a one kilometer radius or surrounding perimeter  of where white-collar ethical misconduct, civil breeches, facility standard, business regulatory trade practices, fraud or related crimes have allegedly or are allegedly occurring. Reference the Geo API feature list for layer and overlay descriptions.

CITIZEN SAFETY MAPS ™ includes a 3-level perpetrator, facility-business or professional standards  event profiling & tracking system linked from map location placements which includes victim awareness  educational information, relevant legal codes, profile gateway to   investigative evidence and an additional profile access point for research;

  1. The first level access is an educational layer informing that that profile may contain information on various Federal Acts, Statutory Laws, Professional Ethical Standards, Facility Standard and related professional licenses e ethical violations. The information in this phase 1 profile information the system user of what public safety laws and regulations are there for their protection and much of these information links to additional government, industry standards or grass roots support educational material
  2. The second level access is password access only review password access policy to learn more,
  3. Level 3 profile information is also 3rd level password access and for research, regional trend analysis, repeating pattern statistics, crowd-sourcing and AI data storage,

II) Sherlock AI  an artificial intelligence machine component which is researcher trained  to perform specific public safety online  investigations through the use of internet query feed back loops. Sherlock AI  is a researcher support tool trained to assist, find and review niche specific online data.  Sherlock AI ™ can cast a wide net or a directly specific query and each will return data to further analyze in the machine learning feedback loop. Results will be profiled and/or submitted to additional refined queries. Much like a real detective would do on a perpetrator investigation. Sherlock AI ™ technology works in tandem with Public Safety Campaigns to scrape relevant internet information,  curate public information and cross-reference repeating violations such as alleged white-collar ethical breeches, civil violations and alleged criminal patterns, 

III) AEGIS Reports ™: Gamut Logistics, Trend and Qualitative Data Analysis Reporting System. AEGIS Reports is a documentation and analysis system focused on public safety regulatory codes, federal vulnerable person acts, statutory law, code of federal regulations (CFR), industry code, FCC, FINRA, SEC, FINCEN, SSA, health & welfare regulatory code, IRS Circular 230, civil breeches, professional ethics model rule violations, evidentiary witness statements and historical case precedent events are researched and integrated into the comprehensive reporting methodologies to track offenders and gauge trend analysis,

IV) WHISTLEFIELD ™:  Whistle-blower Mobile App for Field-data Convergence.

Use as a WHISTLE when you choice stand up for your rights, report violations as they occur to the perpetrator by referencing the VP TASK FORCE educational tools or report offences anonymously in each case you can use the WHISTLEFIELD ™ Mobile App and trigger the online circumstance reporting events.

  • WHISTLE:  use as an informational resource and reporting device to inform someone who is violating your basic rights, rights which are secured by Federal Acts (backed by the Constitution), Statutory Laws, Occupational Ethics Guidelines, CFR or FCC regulatory safeguards and many other related regulations relevant to dealing with persons or businesses whom are violating your public safety, civil, or basic inalienable human rights.
  • FIELD: use as a field data-collecting application to record audio, video,  take pictures and provide initial written documentation relevant to alleged perpetrator, facility/business or professional standards violations,  fraud, any type of regulated misconduct or those whom are infringing upon  your civil or basic human rights.

VP Task Force ™ is an on and offline public safety social technology application suite. The software was developed as a documentation, investigative, public alert and educational system to profile, track, research white-collar crime, white-collar criminal patterns, vulnerable person exploitation, negligence, abuse, malpractice and collusion networks.

Software Developed in Coeur d’Alene, Kootenai County, Idaho.