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Vulnerable Person Rural Collusion Networks

Public Data Scrape RegionsCoeur d’Alene, Kootenai County, Sandpoint Bonner County, Idaho | Spokane, Spokane County & Stevens County, Washington

Empirical Qualitative Research Raw Data Content.

  • Focus AI Curating:  North Idaho – Eastern Washington Vulnerable Person Exploitation, Estate Planning, Undue Influence  & Malpractice.
  • Idaho Court Repository Research Findings  Based on Litigation History Evidence Complied From 2000 to Present.
  • Victim and victim advocate testimonial evidence.
  • Expert & layperson witness analysis and testimony,
  • Private investigative accounts,
  • Mediated and court appointed third party witness and report accounts,
  • Direct and circumstantial evidence via recording transcripts, video and estate document.
  1. State funded (CMS) regional hospital repeating  violations of  (42 C.F.R. §483.10(j)(1)(vii)) IBOL Social Worker Dual Role Violations by court appointed guardianship visitor company owners also working at Hospital working in concert with long-established Guardianship/Estate Planning Attorney and/or new vulnerable adult primary care physicians to ban family private access to vulnerable patient (AIP)  and repeatedly not disclosing patients cognitive impairment diagnosis in G/C  court appointed officer position in physicians petition declarations These are CMS, IBOL, State Bar IBM, State and Federal Violations. Evidence available upon request.
  2. Reference alleged perpetrators named in law enforcement – media announcement organizational chart reference 3 core related estate cases with 6 additions supporting related cases.

Common patterns and primary connection on 9 vulnerable person multi-million dollar estates/estates involving the same estate planning –  guardianship attorney group are:

  1. vulnerable persons (VP) have assets worth several multi-million dollars,
  2. most VP’s  are elderly woman with physical/cognitive with either,
  3. each VP has physical disabilities,
  4. each VP has  age or medical circumstance related to cognitive decline or combination of both.
  5. Undue influence factors intentionally placed upon victim by family member-primary caretaker include and in at least one case collusion with professional/established felon criminal(s),
  6. Guardianship attorney repeating clients:  LSW guardianship visitor company,  primary care physician (PCP) , PCP’s physicians assistant  and nuerocognitive clinician’s consistent malpractice violations.

Dependence, intentional isolation /restriction on private access with trusted family member(so or friends by primary caretaker and permitted by attorney, new financial planning advisers and/or estate olanni g attorney, new primary care or,geriatric care physician, one or series of cognitive evaluation completed by clinical near cognitive evaluator completed with out medidicsl,teordss ( against best practices) use of licenses see social workers in collusion networks group for court visitor evaluations braising reports in doctors and clinisicsnn concesled and/biased cognitive evaluations and additions the LSW do not in driver court mate rails in family contetijs or suspect financial matters and are repeating legal clients of attorneys operating in concert with suspect family member or caretaker, LSW or other imdividual in group also working I. Dual capacity as owners of geriatric service company while sunltsneouselynbeimg employed at health facility or hospital which allows them personal contact or knowledge,of wealthy vulnerable person.   Estste planning attorney or financial,planning advisor also owning additional companies that they refer services of thier vulnerable client to ,mthe she comaonies also repeating clients of attorney as I case of LSW or other geriatric evaluators.


III. North Idaho – Eastern Washington Rural Collusion Project Overview.

Research Findings Based on Evidence Complied From April 2015 to May 2017.

State funded regional hospitals repeated  violations of  (42 C.F.R. §483.10(j)(1)(vii)) IBOL Social Worker Dual Role Violations by court appointed guardianship visitor company owners owners also working at Hospital working in concert with long-established Guardianship/Estate Planning Attorney and/or new vulnerable adult primary care physicians to ban family private access to vulnerable patient (AIP)  and repeatedly not disclosing patients cognitive impairment diagnosis in G/C  court appointed officer position in physicians petition declarations These are CMS, IBOL, State Bar IBM, State and Federal Violations. Evidence available upon request.

Estate Planning and Guardianship-Conservators acting in concert on several large area estates of elderly vulnerable women resulting in substantially altered estate plans, fraud, defalcation undue influence and other civil/criminal violations.

Participant Articles in the News on various cases or as examples in unrelated cases however similar patterns are repeated.


Cross-referencing Data Tables, Report, Summaries and Collusion Evidence Located in Specific Case Password Protected Sections.

Investigative research, education and awareness projects to inform regional citizens of vulnerable persons and their families of public safety concerns.


Repeating Patterns of Elder Exploitation, Fraud & Undue Influence.

Inland Northwest Rural Estate Planning, Guardians and Court Visitor Company Connections as Defined Participants Mention in Northwest Online News Articles.

Inland  Northwest Estate Planning and Guardianship Attorney “A”, supplements income by owning a fiduciary services company, working in concert with other geriatric services attorneys, clinical evaporators and court appointed guardianship services company whose owners are also LSW working at Kootenai County’s largest hospital.

Attorney “A” also performs legal consulting, legal case assistance, litigation related services for all of the following Inland northwest attorneys, guardians, fiduciary services


Attorney “B” client lawsuit claims of Fraud, Misrepresentation and Fraudulent Concealment. In appeal Attorney “B” buys former clients (now plaintiff) lawsuit agisnt himself and this “somehow ?” allows Attorney “B” to drop the malpractice/fraud lawsuit against himself.


Attorney “B” Ponzi Scheme Representation:

2- http://www.bonnercountydailybee.com/…/article_aac7a938-5ee4…

Article Group 3 –

Undue Influence: Idaho Supreme Court Battle Case Defies Nations Leading Undue Influence Expert, Dr. Bennet Blum expert testimony that their was clear “Undue Influence” that resulted in 4 out 5 disinheritance on multimillion family dynasty homestead.

3- http://www.bonnercountydailybee.com/local_news/20170125/supreme_court_affirms_ruling__in_trust_battle

4 – Justia Law Case Summary Link

5- http://www.spokesman.com/blogs/boise/2017/jan/23/unanimous-idaho-supcourt-rules-against-siblings-lake-pend-oreille-land-dispute/

Spokesman Review Article – Same attorney whom orchestrated disinheritance of 4 of 5 Children also gets his own brother disinherited from his families estate:

5 – http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2015/jul/24/magnuson-son-sues-siblings-over-estate/

Related Articles of 7 And 8 due to Bonner County Attorney and Fiduciary Services Company Owned by another affiliated group of estate planning attorneys in  Kootenai County Estate Planning Attorney:

Article 7 & 8 –

7 – Sandpoint Attorney Suspension

8 – http://www.bonnercountydailybee.com/front_page_slider/20170708/pair_accused_of_exerting_undue_influence


Affiliated Rural Area Network of Geriatric Legal and Health Service Providers to Vulnerable Persons (Elder or Senior Citizens).

Bonner County Estate Planning Attorneys, Guardians, Conservators, Kootenai Health Patient Advocate Guardianship Services Court Visitor Companies, Estate Planning Attorney Owned Fiduciary Services. Clinical Neurocognitive psychiatric evaluators, Kootenai Health Affiliated Geriatric Primary Physicians acting In Concert with Non-licensed Family Caretakers for purpose of vulnerable person exploitation, negligence, abuse (isolation). Malpractice State Bar, State Medical, CMS, Federal Act SSA Regulations relate to IC 18-1505 statutes in Idaho.

Please submit your comments or inquiries on directions on how you can submit vulnerable person abuse, exploitation, negligence (IC 18-1505 Statute Violations)  and malpractice  evidence by completing form below. You do not need to use your real name. If your circumstance is an emergency call 911 and your local APS office to file an IC 18-1505 report.

Article Group By County:

Kootenai and Bonner County Coeur d’Alene and Sandpoint Estate Planning Attorney Elder Exploitation, Negligence and Malpractice Articles.

North Idaho and Eastern Washington Corrupt Estate Planning and Elder Exploitation in the public news.

Bonner County Related Cases

  1. https://www.leagle.com/decision/incaco20121228040
  2. http://www.spokesman.com/…/unanimous-idaho-supcourt-rules-…/
  3. http://www.bonnercountydailybee.com/…/supreme_court_affirms…
  4. http://www.bonnercountydailybee.com/…/article_b5ce2956-92be…
  5. http://www.spokesman.com/…/siblings-battle-in-court-over-f…/

Kootenai County Related Cases

  1. http://www.cdapress.com/…/article-1548441f-3807-5480-9afa-b…
  2. http://www.bonnercountydailybee.com/…/court_suspends_attorn…
  3. http://www.bonnercountydailybee.com/…/pair_accused_of_exert…
  4. http://www.bonnercountydailybee.com/…/article_aac7a938-5ee4…

Kootenai and Spokane County Related Cases

  1. http://www.spokesman.com/…/magnuson-son-sues-siblings-over…/
  2. http://www.krem.com/…/i-was-basically-dead-elderl…/416279241


If you require a password to access any profile’s second level evidence access point above please review the password policy statement and make a request.

White collar Professional Profiles May Include the Following:

  1. Newsworthy public safety information,
  2. Research and evidence on professional malpractice,
  3. IC § 18-1505 violations,
  4. IC § 39-5302 violations,
  5. RCW 74.34.020 violations.
  6. SSA Title 28 Federal Act violations,
  7. IC 18-1501 and related violations,
  8. IC 18-918 violations,
  9. IC 18-4801 violations,
  10. IC 18-2403 violations,
  11. IC 18-7803 violations,
  12. IRS Circular 230 violations,
  13. Federal Act violations,
  14. SSA violations,
  15. State Bar violations,
  16. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) violations,
  17. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) violations,
  18. Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses (IBOL) violations,
  19. FINRA and/or SEC violations,
  20. FINCEN violations,
  21. UPC, UTC, UPOA and/or TEDRA violations,
  22. IRPC, IRCP, IRE and related violations,
  23. L & I or related Washington State LSW violations,
  24. “alleged” civil/criminal activities and/or
  25. repeating patterns of collusion in relation to a vulnerable person’s estate planning or guardianship matters,
  26. partial related case history of repeating unethical patterns,
  27. affiliation of LSW, Hospital Patient Advocates and EP/G attorney side business in vulnerable person services,
  28. Stark Act or Related CMS Violations,
  29. “Alleged” civil/criminal activities and/or
  30. Repeating patterns of collusion in relation to vulnerable person estate planning or guardianship matters,
  31. Partial related case history of repeating unethical patterns,
  32. Attorney, LSW or Physician side businesses in vulnerable person services (conflicts of interest),
  33. Attorney’s associated business relationships in vulnerable person ligation and repeating network of associates involved in such litigation,
  34. Identification of collusion related to vulnerable person exploitation and negligence,
  35. State Statute identification of documented evidence concerning moral turpitude,
  36. Fraud in the inducement,
  37. Fraud in the procurement,
  38. Aiding and Abetting,
  39. Fraudulent concealment.

Corruption Maps White Collar ethical, civil and or  actual or alleged crime profiling & tracking VP Task Force ™ – Public Safety Tools.  for  research, educate and to  illuminate citizens of those whom present a public safety risk by their repeated exploitation of vulnerable persons;



Contact your elected representative to insist that they, as  your public safety representative, must support legislation for increased public safety laws to stop white-collar crime,  enforce mandatory malpractice and related ethical violation reporting in guardianship/conservator professions, accounting, trustee & fiduciary services, legal, medical professions,  clinical psychiatry (neurocognitive assessors , court visitor reporting,  hospital and home-care facility standards and in all geriatric & vulnerable person service professions.


Type in your address to locate your Senators and Representatives:


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Review Current Vulnerable Person Legislation By State


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 Current States Conducting VP Task Force ™ Research


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Report Perpetrator’s and Contact your Congressman’s office to Inform Them Your State Needs Stronger Vulnerable Person Protection, Mandatory Malpractice  State Bar and Medical Board Reporting  and Undue Influence  Laws.

Please contact your Congressman’s office and State legislators and inform them how in-partitive it is that vulnerable persons and those assisting them require their commitment to combat professional exploitation, negligence, undue influence and malpractice. Vulnerable persons, especially those dependent persons need to have greater protection when perpetrators have ceased control of the VP’s Powers of Attorney, have restricted access of VP from family and friends  (Isolation),  insidiously usurped the VPs free agency often  leading to circumstances where the  VP is  to afraid or deceived to understand their precarious circumstance. All matters concerning abuse, negligence and exploitation.

Vulnerable persons are often intentionally not informed or mislead on matters concerning their wellbeing, unduly influenced, live in fear, denial or acquiesced to a state of perpetual submission and learned helplessness.  In order to survive their abuser and those acting in concert with the exploiter to achieve their ambitions, the vulnerable victims and  those advocating for them need  access to effective and affordable resources to:

1) report their circumstance in a safe environment,

2) have  circumstances accurately vetted and objectively investigated on every side of the circumstances, not just the non-fact based accounts or fictitious projections of the current persons  whom have insidiously usurped control of the victims affairs, confidential relations and authority.

“We are all in this together” – Contacting your regionally elected public safety representatives (Congress).

The research in this website and affiliated grassroots organizations educational resources clearly demonstrate that vulnerable person abuse, professional malpractice, fraud and related violations affect every tax payer;  the abuse,  exploitation and negligence is therefor system wide; effects all persons at all levels of the community and government because these aberrant social plagues are  endemic.

It is often best to contact political offices; those supported by citizen taxpayers to ensure public safety,  in writing and send several additional copies of your letters to public advocacy organizations  such as  the Citizen’s Public Safety Network, to memorialize the date and circumstance of any correspondence. This way additional persons of like cause can also have documentation on specific vulnerable person concerns and if any action by your regional representative was initiated. This aids in establishing a greater measure of accountability  which can aid your and the overall communities efforts as we work together to help resolve these serious matters.

 VP Task Force ™ Public Safety Tools


Corruption Maps News Article/White Collar Professional Profile & Support Evidence Submission Directions:

If you would like to submit additional information on any professional who has taken advantage of a vulnerable person then:

1) add your own Map Tack or,

2) open a free cloud account on this website and upload any type of evidence (See advocates section) or,

3) contact an Advocate using any Contact Form on this website.


Submit Your Articles, Questions, Comments and Inquires on How to Submit Your Evidence in Form:

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