Mission – BU 8/28/18

The Citizen’s Public Safety Network (CPSN).

Our mission is to research, investigate, educate and illuminate citizens of those whom present a public safety risk by their repeated exploitation of vulnerable persons; the elderly, those with disabilities, children, victims of domestic violence and related crime — those whom have had their civil and inalienable human rights violated. All persons whom are constitutionally protected under Federal Acts, State Statutes, Municipal Codes, Occupational License Ethics and Industry Regulations.

Education, Research, Public Unity and Technology. 

The CPSN educational mission is to:

  1. assist in knowledge proliferation concerning established  public safety codes and social justice initiatives,
  2. provide  effective documenting, reporting, tracking & communication tools for individual vulnerable-person advocates and like-minded grassroots advocacy organizations,
  3. provide relevant research and educational resources to support the vulnerable person and their affected family members to warn others and more effectively navigate the complex and often manipulated civil court system,
  4. additional objectives include the facilitation of public unity to prompt greater accountability in order to strengthen the reporting processes of public safety agencies and integrity of wayward legal advocates retained to help victimized persons. This includes aligning objectives with other advocate movements to promote vulnerable person legislation, measures to protect taxpayers and increased public safety agency, attorney & judicial accountability. When it comes to fraud, affinity and white-collar crimes every citizen is a vulnerable person.

Public Safety & Social Justice Technology.

CPSN advocates are victims, family members of victims or friends of persons whom have been physically, financially, emotionally abused, and directly damaged by professional negligence, malpractice and intentional financial exploitation. CPSN volunteer programmers, researcher utilizing resources from the open source programming movement (GNU & FSS) and open data resources from data.gov, opensecrets.org, opencorporates.com, United States Dept. of Justice and many other compliance & transparency organizations.


Founded in March of 2017, as a means to assist victims, damaged by negligent or unethical professionals (professionals who do not follow the ethical rules of their profession, Statutory Laws or Federal Acts  etc.), Such as attorneys, guardians, conservators, bankers, primary care providers, accountants, investment managers, physicians, and health care provider’s ethical misconduct. CPSN provides educational resources, evidence sharing platforms and shared experiences to aid individuals and families acquire experienced-based knowledge to empower those whom need to assist elder abuse victims, family court litigants and vulnerable persons damaged by the collusion of corrupt white-collar professionals. This practice of "sharing" victim stories, evidence, litigant information on each cases various manipulation upon the court and court procedural failures" provided a catalyst to take the "information sharing model" further and develop educational material and social technology to increase the knowledge base, identify reoccurring patterns of white-collar ethical violations, crimes & abuse of process.

CPSN advocates, researchers and consultants are not attorneys and do not offer legal advice or legal counsel. If your circumstance is an emergency dial 911 and contact an ethical attorney to discuss your rights. 


Synergistic software suite where each component "works together" to document, investigate, profile, and track fraud related events. This includes white-collar civil violations, affinity crimes, facility, business and professional standards violations.

Internet users, nonprofits and researchers submit alerts which become proximity based warnings to alert vulnerable persons and the general public on relevant educational information related to location, white-collar fraud tactics and regulatory public safety code violations.


Tactical-alert proximity based maps. Warning system of tack markers linked to tertiary profiling of public safety, person & fraud related threats. Each tracking professional ethics, facility standards, white-collar civil breaches, fraud related crimes,  collusion networks, federal act, statutory law, FCC, SSA, IRS, CFR, CMS and numerous other related violations.

Internet users can double click maps or register anonymously to add their own professional, business or facility violation profiles. Additionally, users can directly submit evidence gathered from the WhistleField Mobile Application to the relevant public safety alert maps.


Aegis Reports ™ is a quantitative & qualitative analysis reporting and diagram system. The “matter of fact” & “matter of law” documentation process cross-references fact based events with the numerous Federal Act, statutory law, FCC, SSA, IRS, CFR, CMS and related public safety codes.

This documentation process allows for repeating abhorrent behavior analysis to forecast recidivism and predict future violation occurrences if civil breaches, facility, business or professional standards violations are not corrected.


Sherlock AI is a  researcher trained data-curating detective. As a researcher's assistant  Sherlock AI is instructed to seek public data then rank the returned queries to narrow relevance via feedback loops. This tool is  most effectively used in tandem with public safety campaigns. This machine learning component of perpetrator profiling is based on relevancy – basically a linked computing system’s ability to seek and curate explicit actions or queries based on implicit indicators, then  query responses to  further cross-reference with other queries to identify: 1) repeating patterns, 2) historical patterns of repeating behavior, 3) organized collusion patterns, 4) recidivism, 5) trends and whom is at the greatest risk for future victimization.


WhistleField is a mobile whistle-blowing, evidence gathering and field-data reporting application. This application allows users to pinpoint violation event details as they happen or anytime afterwards. The application automatically captures time and location details at the onset of a report and allows the user to document specific fact-based violations events, capture photographs, audio recordings, video, document scans, perpetrator or witness accounts and other objective direct-evidence. Use as public safety whistle to report, profile and track professional violations, business and facility compliance violations, sexual harassment, bullies, corruption, and related person  crimes.


The WhistleField ™ mobile app field-data convergence system leveraged with WhistleCloud’s educational research data repository, crowd-sourced map tacking profiles database, Aegis Reports quantitative & qualitative data analysis,  researcher’s aided with  Sherlock AI curated  public data, first-hand witness accounts, expert witness or third party affidavits and court documentation when available creates a broad fact-driven data array  to aid investigators and those persons, agencies and legislators  tasked with policing public safety matters. Each component in the software suite can work separately to log alleged perpetrator violations, however when harnessed as a team the sum of the parts are much greater than the whole.

A Nation Wide Advocate Collective Building The Bridge to Overdue Reform.

     The CPSN is one enterprise in a collective of many common-focused victim advocate organizations. Each has a particular niche ranging from legislating for basic victim rights, to eradicating elder exploitation, child abuse, domestic violence, bullying, sexual harassment,  and civil rights offences. Many in these nonprofits also realize the importance of exposing the systemic failures rampant in the adversarial civil court system that often places a preferred value on the rights of the perpetrator or allowing the illicit maneuvering of their counsel.  The same challenges endemic to white-collar corruption.

     When these matters are reported by those trying to aid the victim they are consistently told these are weighed as civil matters and cannot be policed by law enforcement, therefor they must retain an attorney. A costly endeavor. To add insult to injury these societal plagues are often compounded exponentially by the legal professions failure to self-regulate despite its own mandates to do so. The legal community’s failure to police itself as defined by ABA Model Rule 8.3 sets the stage to repeatedly victimize the very persons whom seek its refuge. The same profession that is supposed to champion justice, victim rights, federal acts, statutory and constitutional laws repeatedly fails to do so and is therefor at odds with itself.  This leaves a deep and broad societal chasm that has created an increasingly audible public outcry.

United Public Reform Initiatives supported by Legal Code disseminated via Technical Code.

    Through extensive research, technological advancements in internet-based communication technologies, passionate cause-orientated volunteer resources and first-hand witness accounts each advocate collective is equipping themselves with their missions for change.  An educational truss is being forged to aid past, present and future victims bridge the chasm of ineffective bureaucracy and an often compromised civil court system. Volunteer citizen advocates are providing representation for those whom need it the most. Those whom can’t help themselves.  

    These public grassroots movements are proliferating in response to the swelling tide of professional corruption. Each volunteer laboring day and night to alert the media, state & federal lawmakers, and the general public about the spreading white-collar perpetrator’s fraudulent tactics, undue influence, affinity crimes, clandestine transactions,  document concealment and fraud upon the court. Each volunteer agency demanding victim safety legislation and major system reform to stop the epidemic of vulnerable person exploitation, fraud, professional negligence, corruption and related abuse that affects all Americans. 

     CPSN public safety tools are helping advocates build this bridge.

Copyright © 2018 Citizen's Public Safety Network (CPSN). Some rights reserved. Non-commercial use of text and images in which CPSN holds the copyright is permitted, with attribution, under the terms and conditions of a Creative Commons License. This website and vulnerable person task force software was developed by the  Citizen's Public Safety Network in Coeur D'alene, Idaho. CPSN is dedicated to reducing the negative impact of those whom present a public safety risk by their repeated exploitation of vulnerable persons, elder abuse, aiding those with disabilities, children, victims of domestic violence and related crime — those whom have had their civil and inalienable human rights violated. All persons whom are constitutionally protected under Federal Acts, State Statutes, Municipal Codes, Occupational License Ethics and Industry Regulations.