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Dear Friends:

Every year, the Senate Special Committee on Aging releases a report that examines issues related to older Americans. This year, following a recent hearing on the subject, the Committee’s report will focus on the guardianship system.

To help guide this effort, I am seeking your input. Specifically, I am looking to hear recommendations from you on how we can create a safer guardianship system and ensure individuals in guardianship arrangements are protected.

Please submit all written comments to the Special Committee on Aging via email at  The deadline to respond is July 20, 2018. 

Thank you for your engagement on this important issue. I look forward to hearing from you. 



Bob Casey, Jr.

United States Senator

Ranking Member, Senate Special Committee on Aging

A Victims Response to Senator Casey’s bipartisan letter seeking comments to create a safer guardianship system. 

To Senator Casey and others,

  1. We demand JURIES (not black robed predators) to adjudicate these cases.
  2. We demand attorneys and judges be CRIMINALLY charged for fraud and deceit and not excused away by their peers.
  3. We demand oversight grievance boards operate OUTSIDE the judicial branches control. (I recommend injured parties/victims hold these positions)
  4. We demand the DOJ file ADA charges for discrimination when accommodations for Major Life Activities are denied to disabled elders.
  5. We demand the insurance we pay for (of any type) PROSECUTE when fraud is uncovered.

  1. We demand no judge has the authority to put anybody on HOSPICE WITHOUT A TERMINAL ILLNESS.. At least he should get the facts right before he ex partes on behalf of a for profit corporation assisted living facility to kill them and steal their assets. Nor should a judge thereafter refuse Morphine and replace it with Cyanide and Valium.
  2. We also demand NO judge has the right to break in someone's private property without a search warrant when there is no probable cause of crimes and all crimes be prosecuted not pick and choose what you like.
  3. We demand our representatives represent us to enforce our REPUBLIC (not democracy).


Gee I thought those were already our laws.....


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